Preston Ely’s FreedomSoft – Freedom Soft Review

August 31, 2009

 Hello – This is Terry Wygal

Are you Tired of Seminars and Courses That Don’t Yield Good Results? Forget worthless courses, books, and CDs, cheesy “guru” infomecials,12-hour workdays, costly, ineffective marketing and crappy, expensive software.

Forget the years of frustration and quickly achieve the results that very few achieve…these Stuff are Ancient History. Here’s Your Strong Chance of Life-Altering Financial Freedom and the best property marketing and education about comps. The answer to every pain, fear, frustration you’ve ever experienced in your real estate investing business.

FreedomSoft is about comps and a Whole Lot More!


Preston Ely’s Freedomsoft is a Powerful software that will alter the way you invest in real


Preston Ely’s FreedomSoft will launch in January 2010.


Real Estate Investing Websites is Automated and Simplified – go check it out now and watch how it can change your real estate investing profits to receive freedomsoft updates, special offers,priority access, and unfair advantage over the rest of the real estate investing world.


About the author:Terry Wygal is a Real Estate Investor,
mentor and Coach and teaches you
how to use Search Engine Strategies
To Dominate The Front Page of Google.


Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint – Andy Proper

September 3, 2008

Terry Wygal reviews real estate investor Andy Proper

and his Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint real estate investing course.

 Being a real estate investor bird dog is a great way to get started investing in real estate.

Finding Motivated sellers, generating a real estate lead, real estate marketing, protecting your

assets and position are very important for any new investor.


To be a real estate virtual bird dog you also need the very basics of how to

invest in real estate, Andy Proper and his Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint give you the

very best start in real estate investing.


Hi, Terry Wygal here and let me tell you…You have got to check out
Andy Proper’s Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint.

By far, it is the ultimate resource on how to create a stampede of
bird dogs that will consistently bring you motivated seller leads.

You and I both know that without leads coming into your funnel there are no
deals. So why not have an endless supply

of leads coming into your funnel by implementing the Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint

And the best part…

You’re not doing any of the work to gather the leads. Imagine for a moment
that you were able to spend all your timing

doing leads instead of cold calling, sending out post cards, sending out
letters, etc.

What could you accomplish?

What would it be like to just spend your time doing “the meat and
potatoes”…negotiating deals and making money?

What would you do with the extra free time that is created? More time with
the family and doing the things you love maybe?

Now let me be clear, I’m not necessarily saying you shouldn’t do those things
I am just saying that “technically” you can

have your lead generation system fully outsourced and on auto-pilot for a
fraction of what it costs to to direct mail

and save a ton of time in the process.

It’s a no brainer…

Andy Proper’s Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint
is by far THE system for creating
an arsenal of bird dogs. It’s really the

only product of it’s kind that I have ever seen.

I highly recommend you check it out – buy it – and implement.

Terry Wygal


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Andy Proper – Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint real estate investing course

September 2, 2008 Terry Wygal reviews real estate investor Andy Proper and his Virtual Bird Dog Blueprint real estate investing course.

Being a real estate investor bird dog is a great way to get started investing in real estate. Finding Motivated sellers, generating a real estate lead, real estate marketing, protecting your assets and position are very important for any new investor. Also visit

Learn the Benefits of Being a Real Estate Bird Dog

September 2, 2008

Earn Money Being a Real Estate Bird Dog

A real estate bird dog finds property leads for real estate investors, and is paid a referral fee by the investor after finding a property lead. The typical fees for bird dog services range between $500 and $3000.00 dollars. Imagine getting paid an extra $2000-$5,000 a month just for locating properties. Not only that…what’s best about this is that you earn while you learn.

There is no doubt that real estate bird dogging is one of the most unique ways that realtors come across for making money in real estate investing. If one is going to invest in a property, they will expect the real estate bird dog to find them leads that are valuable and can be sold at a good price. That is, real estate bird dogs are paid by other investors for giving leads on potential investment properties. The real estate bird dog will have no affixation to the property after it is found and given to the investor, leaving the rest of the changes and further arrangements to the real estate investor.

Why become a real estate bird dog?

There are many advantages of becoming a real estate bird dog. First and most practical reason is that you don’t need a college degree to qualify as a real estate bird dog. Another thing is that, you don’t need to sit for an examination, study hard or give up your full time day job. That means you can be a real estate bird dog during your spare time. You just need to know the basics of the real estate business. Furthermore, you get to learn real estate investing from your investors free of charge. The best part of being a real estate bird dog is that while you are making all that extra money, you will also be learning all about buying and selling investment properties. Real estate investors will normally specify what type of deals they would be interested and they would probably tell you how to locate the properties that they might want to buy.

The good news is that there is hardly any disadvantages of becoming a real estate bird dog except that you need to spend some of your precious time during weekends or whenever you have free time during weekdays to drive around your neighborhood to look for property deals for your investors. Doing so will result in earning a valuable amount of assignment fees. Indeed, real estate bird dog can make money and what’s more? the demand is always huge whether the time is good or bad. You may also acquire the necessary skills and information to develop the confidence that you need to start investing on your own. So if you want to go that extra mile and make money in real estate investing business, get started real estate bird dogging!


Preston Ely – Probates By Preston

May 26, 2008 and Terry Wygal reviews Preston Ely and his Probates By Preston course. A real estate investing training course on real estate investing through probates and Terry Wygal reviews Preston Ely and his Probates By Preston course. A real estate investing training course on real estate investing through probates

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Probates By Preston Ely

May 18, 2008

FREE Ebook: Instant Probate Profits – Value $29! 

“How To Make $19,000 In The Next 30 Days In The EASIEST Way Possible! Guaranteed!” 

– From Preston Ely


This is Terry Wygal – The Quick House Buyer – and I’ve been making my living in real estate investing for 8
years now, so I’ve been around the block. But I just read a short BRAND SPANKIN NEW e-book that really opened my eyes… you HAVE to check this out if you’ve got a real estate based business or hope to make any money in real estate. And get this…

It’s FREE! Everyone is talking about this thing…

Click HERE For Probates By Preston Ely <— copy and paste this link in your browser!


It’s a short e-book, but it’s going to shake up a lot of stuff that people think about where the money is really made in this current real estate market.

In fact, there’s stuff in there that you could literally use to build a business.

You may be wondering who wrote the material.

It’s a surprise. Let’s just call him Mr. X for now. X for “Xtreme.”

You definitely know him. Whoops… ok so you know it’s a “he”; big deal.

Click HERE For Probates By Preston Ely <— Go Here Right Now To See Mr X Revealed!

Of course, you might wonder why they’re giving this away.

Here’s the answer… this is part of a big upcoming product launch, and the smart folks know that one of the best ways to put together a big successful launch is to give out some great pre-launch material for free.

That’s cool… because it means you get a great e-book and valuable information without so much as spending a dime.

Go check it out… there’s stuff in there that 99.5% of the public don’t know.

You can literally take this free information and begin profiting with it immediately.

There’s nothing to buy afterwards. Pure content.

Best regards,

Terry Wygal
– The Quick House Buyer

P.S. This e-book is going to help me drive a whole bunch of new HIGHLY
motivated sellers to my front door. I bet it will for you too.

P.P.S. I believe this site it only up for a short period of time. Make
sure and get over there right now while you’re thinking about it.

P.P.P.S. You are going to FREAK OUT when you see who wrote this thing.

Click HERE For Probates By Preston Ely <— Go Here To Claim Your Free Copy!


  • Here’s what you’ll learn in this free ebook from
    Preston Ely
    • Why Probate Investing is The “Smart Man’s” Choice to Real
      Estate Riches!
      – There is less competition. Less seller
      resistance, less hassle, and a FAR better response rate. All
      this means more money for you! Find out why!
    • Learn The Process From Start To Finish! – I tell you
      exactly what to do to get your phone ringing off the hook with
      motivated sellers of probate property who will sometimes
      practically GIVE you their house!
    • Which Probate Files NOT To Mess With! – Violate this
      rule of thumb and you will SERIOUSLY regret it!
    • Other Secret Ways To Prospect Probates That I Guaranty
      You No One Else Is Doing!
      – Every competitive edge helps. Do
      these three things and no one else will stand a chance. You will
      get the business!
    • How To Create A Constant Flow Of Leads Coming In Like a
      Tidal Wave On a Recurring Basis Without You Doing Anything To
      Make It Happen!
      – If you can do this one thing, you can sit
      back and just watch the deals pile up. Financial independence,
      here we come!
    • How To Get Lists Of Probate Leads Without Wasting Your
      Valuable Time Going Down To The Courthouse!
      – Save yourself
      some time. Your time is money and definitely much better spent
      than running around town doing busy work. Your time is best used
      doing deals. Find out how!
    • How To Easily Shoot Down The Most Common Seller Objection
      In Probate Deals!
      – I tell you what this objection is and
      specifically how to overcome it!


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